Hello everyone.....

I just wanted to update readers of the blog as to how I plan to move forward with things but before I do that, I wanted to thank everyone for checking in, and in particular for either downloading or buying a copy of Book One...I have had, to date, 5736 page views from 66 countries on the blog, which I still find amazing...it has just been since august of 2015 that I started the blog !!

Because I am finally in the flow with Book Two, I have decided to keep posts centered on progress with Book Two rather than a focus on chapters and writing in Book One.  I have not advertised at all other than the blog.  After Book Two is out, I'll probably do a little advertising but will see how it all turns out.

I am on target to finish the raw writing on Book Two by the mid to end of May !!! 

So, I won't be posting everyday but will update those who might be interested.....

thank you all

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