Some thoughts on Myth

These are a few quotes from "Care of the Soul" by Thomas Moore -

"A myth is a sacred story set in a time and place outside history, describing in fictional form the fundamental truths of nature and human life.  Mythology gives body to the invisible and eternal factors that are always part of life but don't appear in a literal, factual story.  Most of the time, we tell a story about our lives, we couch it in purely human terms.  When was the last the last time you talked about monsters, angels, or demons when you were describing some strongly felt experience?  Myth reaches beyond the personal to express an imagery reflective of archetypal issues that shape every human life."

"Mythology from around the world vividly explores the fundamental patterns and themes of human life as you find them anywhere on the globe.  The imagery may be specific to the culture in which the mythology arises, but the issues are universal.  This is one of the values of mythology - its a way of cutting through personal differences in order to get to the great themes of human experience."

I guess for me - the work of Thomas Moore and specifically his thoughts and insights on myth and mythology - express for me - some of the themes I am trying to present in the Chronicles.


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