Chapter 39 continued

So.......Junia takes off her 2000 year old form and sort of suspends it on a chair for, what she planned to be, the night........but.....the Shadowling is about to pay her a thought about how to write this meeting and then I thought about it some more and then I thought about some more...

and what I came up with - is that Junia's younger persona -just when she needs "her" the most - eludes her - sort of slips away....the one "thing" she had counted on - her young, beautiful persona - the one thing that she is willing to literally trade her soul for - eludes her just when she needs her the most - (ah..........isn't that the way it is sometimes)  - and the Shadowling - (now accepting of his new role) first sort of toys with her and then gives her the persona "back"  - with hopes, of course, that she will come to her senses and realize the mistake that she has made...but - at least for the time being - she doesn' are a couple of paragraphs that describes this:

     "Who is it?" she whispered in the same weak, high pitched voice.  Still there was silence.  But the sensation of the a sudden intruder grew stronger.  Someone was in the cottage and she knew it.  She reached out with her thin withered hands in the direction of her beautiful, youthful form.  If there was to be trouble, rejoining the younger Junia would be her only hope to defend herself.  Just as she was about to touch the figure, however, the chair moved.  Junia sat on the bed stunned and confused.  She struggled to her feet and again reached out for the illusive form.  Again the chair moved out of her reach.
     "Come back," she whispered.  "Come back to me, I command you."  But the chair did not come back and her young woman persona remained lifeless, still sitting on the chair half way across the room.  Junia took a few painful steps toward the chair.  As she was about to reach out and retrieve the younger Junia, the Shadowling appeared from a far corner of the cottage near the well-stocked pantry.  Junia noticed the creator's presence.  She turned.  Their eyes met.
     "Good morning, Junia," began the Shadowling.

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