Chapter 38

Just one more thought on chapter 38.....again I had a lot of fun with this chapter - how to portray the Shadowling (struggle) in the understanding of his role - in the world that he now finds himself - so he takes a tour of the world - as described in the chapter and - of course sees both the good and the not so good - that has transpired as a result of his betrayal - and then - there is the "crux move" which for you rock climbers out there - is the part of the climb that is that hardest on the route - once past the crux- the most dangerous part of the climb is usually behind us.

so in this chapter - the "crux" is not so much the Shadowling accepting his new role but the understanding that he will now be misunderstood - here is the paragraph:

    "Yes, but I will be misunderstood," he whispered out loud.  There was a lament in the sounds that came from him.  He sat down and cried.  For the first time in his many lives, he cried.  There was no reason to cry in the Heart of Heavens.  He suddenly understood the sadness and the darkness that his actions had caused the World of Humans.  "I will do all that needs to be done but only a few will understand."   He stood up and was back in the Poisoned Forest, sitting under the magic tree, Drasil.

So what does this mean.....and I will reference the great story - Beauty and the Beast - written by French novelist, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve first published in 1740. Now, there are "several" :)  interpretations of the basic story line - but...the one part of the story - as portrayed in the Disney version :)  - just bear with me - is the part where the "old woman" offers the spoiled prince the rose and the prince turns the woman away - and of course the underlining meaning here is that the prince had the opportunity of a "life time" to change....accepting the rose from the old woman - but instead he turns her away -

Okay - moving on :) is the time honored lesson of tossing out the messenger  and thus missing the message (the life lesson we need to learn)  the tossing out usually is accompanied by all sorts of "cursing and screaming" at the messenger -  the "an old woman."  And we have all seen this and perhaps :) have experienced this in our own live.....

Oh how convenient it is to blame our circumstances on the "messengers" of the world - but how difficult it usually is to look just a tad deeper and realize that the "note" being handed to us - is our opportunity to change something in our lives - (The Prince needed to stop being spoiled and to open up his heart)

So..........back to the Chronicles - the Shadowling then "understands" his new role - but then realizes that "struggle" - the role he now must play- will be misunderstood - he - the Shadowling / Struggle - will be blamed - far too often for the misfortunes of the World - and this, of course, is a heavy burden to bear !!!

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