Chapter 38

This is a short chapter and I struggled as to what to / and how to develop the Shadowling's character.  I have revealed already - although I had originally not intended to do so - that the Shadowling represents struggle - introduced into the World of Humans after the betrayal - the "betrayal" of course is symbolically of  the "fall of man."  

Now, without getting into any religious discussions - one way to look at the "fall of man" concept is to put it this way:  the fall represents the idea that our lives are subject to / dictated by / influenced as a result of - all "outer conditions"........i.e. whatever the day "brings us."  And we have no influence over those outer conditions to change anything - except perhaps - one might argue - being lucky - pure chance luck.

conversely - the opposite - that we have dominion / control of / the ultimate ruler of / our lives by the thoughts we keep - the "false belief" in the Chronicle's cosmology - is that we are just bumper cars - going along with our lives - with little or no control over where we go or where we end up - the Shadowling comes along as "struggle" to stiffen the backbone so to speak -  the idea that without struggle and some adversity, strength of character is hard to find when the chips are down -

so........having said that - Chapter 38 attempts to paint the picture of the Shadowling finally understanding his true role in the World of the Humans and being willing to sort of buck up and take it - to put it one way...I had fun describing some of the places in Medelia -

Here is one paragraph that I liked:
     In the Kingdom of the Unguardeds, the jewel of Medelia, he saw the rolling hills that stretched out as far as the eye could see.  There were the Palos, Seven Hills and East Hills.  To the west along the shore that bordered the Southern Sea was the rugged coast line and inlets.  There were the Curly, the Gold and the Agate.  Further up in the hills were the Tongue Point, Fashion Reef and the Upper Sands.

Here's another that I liked:
     Next he traveled to the Kingdom of the Fringes, home to the Ordinarys.  In the Fringes, there was the lake country.  There were the Coon, Cottonwood, the Crooked and the Crane.  In the south, there was Snowbank, Six Mile, Silver Island and the South Big Pine.

fun stuff for me

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