Chapter 37

I have to say, that by the time in the writing, when chapter 37 arrived, I was in the zone...I definitely had the voice for Nibel.  So, in this chapter Stanyon and Junia are "late."  It is approaching midnight.  After Kent leaves them, they are confronted by several guards.  The officer in charge is Lieutenant Lewis.

     "Hold up, strangers!" shouted one of the guards.  He was Lieutenant Lewis, a junior officer in Nibel's private security force.  "No one sees the Commander at this late hour."
    Lewis and the two men in his charge help up their lanterns to better see the late night visitors.  Recognizing the face of Stanyon, Lieutenant Lewis breathed a sigh of relief.
     "Stanyon, what are you doing here and who's that with you?"  He held the lantern up to the face of the young woman.  The soldiers all had their swords drawn ready for action.
     "She has an appointment with your Commander," answered Stanyon, as calm and reassuring as he could sound.  "I'm just her escort.  Call for Toad if you like.  He'll confirm our visit.  We were held up in the storm."  Lewis studied the young woman's face for a while longer, then again looked directly at Stanyon.
     "Well, look whose giving the orders," replied Lewis.  "The last person who tried that..."  Lewis looked over at the two soldiers in his charge and smiled.  "We fed them to the dogs."  The men laughed a nervous, halfhearted laugh.

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