Chapter 37 continued

So.............Junia and Nibel finally talk things over - so to speak....(remembering that Junia is the secret betrayer for the 12 Old Friends (11 not counting Junia :)  and - as I have said - I have no plans of revealing the secret identity of the Old Friends which in includes Junia - fun stuff - I will drop hints now and then, however...

Nibel then transforms completely into his lizard persona (the mythological symbol of greed )  Junia then asks the question...

     "If you would part with more serum, I would, of course, accept full responsibility for my own well-being."  Nibel studied Junia's face but said nothing for the moment.  "I would be willing to open up more territory for you or perhaps new trading routes," continued  Junia.  I could even show you several new discoveries of precious metals.  Surely they would be of interest to you." 
     Nibel thought for a moment.  There was something that he wanted, something that perhaps Junia, the Old Friend that had betrayed the trust of the other Friends and of all Medelia, had in her possession.  Nibel took several deep breaths.  Once the transformation from dwarf to lizard was complete, Nibel could only survive in the Poisoned Forest.  Only in the fetid air of the dreaded forest could he breathe freely as the lizard.  He could not linger too much longer inside his compound.

(more later )  - how much fun is this

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