Chapter 37 continued

Now for those of you who have read the book, :)  you know that Junia does the unthinkable...she betrays the other Old Friends and the World of the Humans - in one terrible trade !!!  Now in the Chronicles, as I have said many times, are a number of secrets....and this chapter hides  a few more of them. Junia "trades"  something and obtains something in return.  So that's a clue.  Junia is one of the 12 Old Friends - that's a clue.  What Nibel wants from Junia is a clue and what Nibel gives Junia is a clue.

Here is a paragraph that was fun to write.  Junia finally breaks down and seals the deal - so to speak.
     "Okay.  Okay, I'll give them to you.  I'll give you the ingredients."  By this time, Junia was nearly incoherent from the cold and exhaustion of the ordeal and yet she persisted with her madness.  She again reached under her cold, wet shirt and took out another pouch.  The pouch was made of faded brown sheepskin.  Despite its age, it was supple and soft to the touch.  The top was sealed shut with several waxed rawhide laces.  They had not been touched for two thousand years.  With only a slight hesitation in her trembling fingers, Junia broke the seal, the ancient seal given to each of the Friends by the creators  of the world.  It was the bond of trust from the seven creators of the world to the twelve Old Friends who had pledged to protect ad teach the eight Laws of Understanding to the world.  Junia took one last look at the sacred pouch, and then handed it to Nibel.

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