Chapter 37 continued

Well, Stanyon and Junia get past the guards.   Junia soon gets her private audience with Nibel.  Of course, this will be an interesting series of events.  Junia is upset that Nibel addresses her by name (as she is the secret betrayer)

    "Oh come, come,"replied Nibel.  "Such formalities in my private quarters.  We're quite alone here.  I can assure you of that."
     "Do you have any wine?"  she replied.  "I'm chilled to the bone."
     "Of course.  I should have offered you some right away."  Nibel turned around and walked over to a beautiful maple cabinet.  As he was preparing a glass of white wine for Junia, a small portion of his lizard tail suddenly popped out the back end of his night shirt.  Seeing the beginning of Nibel's transformation from dwarf to lizard, Junia let out an audible gasp.  Nibel walked back and handed the glass of wine to his guest.  In the brief walk back to Junia, Nibel's tail grew longer.  The dwarf, of course, was aware of the start of his nightly transformation.

(now this is fun stuff)

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