Chapter 36 continued

I just wanted to finish this part on the door keeper...I just sort of love this part of the chapter...

     The door keeper stopped laughing for a moment, and then broke out into another round of even louder laughter.  He again repeated the warning from Kent.  He seemed particularly fond of he word trifle.  He mumbled it over and over amidst his blubbering laughter.  When he no longer had the strength to laugh any more, he sat down and did his best to calm down.  He took another look at Stanyon and Junia then gulped down a hearty drink of ale from a dirty brown mug that sat on a table next to him.  Various dishes of partially eaten food were on plates scattered about the old wooden structure.  There was an old, foul smelling wooden spoon on the table next to one of the plates.  Two mice could be seen nibbling on a piece of moldy cheese still stuck on the end of the spoon.  Noticing the mice for the first time, the door keeper again burst out in almost uncontrollable laughter.  He swatted at the mice which managed to not only scatter them on the dirty floor but cleared most of the dishes off the table as well.  The plates landed on the stone floor and all but one broke into several pieces.  Food and old chicken and pork bones scattered across the filthy floor.  The wooden spoon disappeared into one of the far corners.  In the midst of his laughter, the door keeper finally motioned to Stanyon and Junia.
     "Oh, go on, git," he roared.

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