Chapter 36 continued

Again, I have to say that I loved this chapter....of course, I am a bit partial to the writing as the whole process took way too many years to try and figure out...Having labored with trying to write fiction, I fully understand why so few succeed at it...........(having said that, I am not saying I succeeded at it - but rather chipped away at some of the mysteries of it all)

This section of the chapter brings the action to one of the "gate keepers" to the hidden city of Darkenland.....I had to stop and try and get into the character of the burly fellow that eventually lets Kent, Stanyon and Junia pass on their way.  It was fun to finally figure him out.  I simply called him the "door keeper."  We pick up the action after Kent gives the man a six sided coin - signifying a request to enter Darkenland.

.....The door keeper was as tall as Stanyon but carried more weight.  He had a well-trimmed reddish beard with the smell of alcohol on his breath.  He looked at Kent, who was familiar to him, then at Stanyon and the young lady.
     "Who are they?" he growled.
     "They're here to see the Commander and I'm not expecting no trouble from you tonight, you drunken sot," barked Kent.  The man frowned for a moment or two, then burst into loud, nearly uncontrollable laughter.
     "So, you're not expecting any trouble from a drunken sot like me?" he said in a mocking tone.  He repeated Kent's warning over and over to himself, laughing louder each time.
     After finally hearing enough of the insulting behavior, Kent replied,  "Well?  Don't trifle with me.  We're in a hurry."

more on this chapter in the next post

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