Chapter 36 Continued

Well.........what can I say....I did love this guards let Stanyon and Junia pass on their way to see Nibel and select an older guard, Kent, to show them the way.   Here are a couple of paragraphs that I liked.   This is the introduction to Kent.

     "Of course," he muttered.  He motioned for one of the guards to step forward.  He whispered something to him.  The guard nodded and led Stanyon and Junia a short distance to a heavy wooden door.  The guard's name was Kent.  He was older than most of the other men at the station.  He walked with a slight limp favoring his right leg, the result of a run-in with a band of Peake warriors many years ago.   Kent took out his key ring, selected the one he wanted, and put it in the locking mechanism.  The door opened.  He nodded his head, signaling for them to follow after him.
     They entered a small, dark room.  The door shut and was locked from behind them.  Stanyon and the young woman turned toward the door, then looked at each other.  Now, both were a bit nervous.  Kent reached up on the wall to the right and took down a torch.  Next to the torch was a flint stick.  He struck the flint a couple of times next to the tip of the oil soaked torch.  It flared up.  The old guard held the torch upright in his right hand but stayed put for a moment to get used to the light.  He turned towards Stanyon and Junia."

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