Chapter 36 continued

So, Stanyon and Junia cross the bridge and are met by the guards of Myrkland - I liked the dialog and had a feel for the new characters in this section - took me awhile to get their voices and such -

     "Let me do the talking," said Stanyon.  His female companion just nodded and said nothing.  They approached the guards.  When they were within a few feet, the two got off their horses.  The captain of the guard station recognized the tall male and broke out into a relieved smile.
     "Good to see you, Stanyon," said the captain.  "For a moment I thought there might be trouble.  The lads are a bit on edge...with the weather and all."  The captain pointed to one of several towers surrounding the eastern gate.  At all six narrow openings were archers with bows drawn and arrows ready to fly."
     "I understand," replied Stanyon.  "We're here to see Nibel, and not to cause trouble."  There was an uncomfortable pause.
     "It's late," replied the captain.  "You know the Commander doesn't like to be disturbed after supper.  He goes to ...bed early."

(more on this in the next post - but what is happening of course, for those who have read the story - is that Stanyon and Junia were held up by the inclement weather and it is approaching midnight.  The dwarf turns into his lizard persona at the stroke of time is of the essence is Junia is discuss her business with Nibel. 

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