Another post :) on Chapter 39 you can see, I really loved this chapter....was definitely in the flow by this time - so the Shadowling has come to find out if Junia has changed her mind with respect to either helping or harming Medelia...the Shadowling addresses Junia:

     "The protection of the Laws is the reason I have come to see you, Junia.  The dwarf has created three Drugars by his alchemy; two still alive.  They will hunt young Hunter.  If he dies, all hope of protecting the Laws will be lost.  If that happens, Nibel and his Drugars will eventually find them.  The dwarf you helped to create must not get his hands on the eight Laws."
     "I helped to create the dwarf?" barked Junia.  "Is that what you said?  No, Medelia created Nibel thanks to you.  The Medelian souls gave him life.  If it were not Nibel, it would be another like him. You did this.  You are responsible for Nibel and his dreadful Drugars.  They are here because of you.  If young Hunter dies, his blood will not be on my hands, nor will the loss of the eight Laws.  And speaking of young Hunter, was it not his grandfather's youthful form you fell in love with, fell in love, in fact, with your own creation?"

well.............of course what I was trying to establish is the idea that individuals on the "world stage" are really nothing more than the out picturing of the collective consciousness.  The collective conscious thinks and acts in certain ways and gives a voice to those who represent them.  So, Junia is right on that point.  Nibel was, in fact, created by the consciousness of Medelia.

However, that doesn't really take Junia off the hook - although she would like to be :)  and isn't it the case for so many of us........the "world" often toys with our moral compass and I suppose it's easy to lay blame on the collective consciousness as to the "cause" for our decisions - be they good ones or not so good - but like Junia - there is always an accountability that follows us no matter where we "go"

here is the Shadowling reminding Junia of that:

     "If the world slips into chaos, we will both be held accountable," continued the Shadowling.  "But if I were you, I would stop pointing fingers and start finding ways to make amends for your own misdeeds.  Selling your soul to a dwarf who sponsors terror only to protect those who flee from his murderous ways was not exactly what we had in mind when we first met two thousand years ago."

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