The Shadowling and Fenrir

  1. Well, first of all the obvious corollary to begin things - would be that the magic rope in the Chronicles, Grundmere, was intended to bind the Shadowling.  The rope, of course, was forged from similar magic as was Gleipnir.  Fenrir - according to legend - grew at an alarming rate and gods of Aser became so worried that they recruited the dwarves to forge Gleipnir.  The rope, Grundmere, was forged by Toadling and Nibel.  Nibel, of course, was a dwarf and the reason for the creation of Grundmere was the concern over the Shadowling's power and how that might threaten Nibel's own plans to get his hands on the 8 laws.
  2. Again, according to legend, Fenrir had two off spring.  One, a male wolf called Skoll and the other a female called Hati.  The wolves chase the moon and the sun (which accounts for their movement and rotation.  So in the Chronicles, one of the unsolved conspiracies would have to be....who really is Skoll?   Is he the son of the Shadowling?  And if so, how did all that happen?  And if so, what about Hati?  Will Hati show up later in the series and to what role might she play?   Ah, such delightful conspiracies.
  3. Remember now, that the Shadowling is representative of "struggle."  Quite naturally, as the World of Humans grows and expands, "struggle" will grow as well and become "more powerful."  I suppose the question of the day is this:  is it wise or feasible to bind up "struggle?"  Can we do this in our own lives?  And why might we do this?
  4. Many years ago, I met Swami Kripalu when he was in America.  My one brief meeting helped to change many aspects of my life and his influence is found in my writing to this day.  He was quoted as saying that "when we die, we will kiss the feet of struggle."  So, perhaps it is not wise to attempt to "bind the Shadowling in our lives..." but rather learn from "him / her."  But, I will leave that up to my readers.

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