Last word on chapter 35

Just one final - couple of paragraphs on chapter 35....I spent a considerable amount of time as to how to end the chapter...and I must say...I rather like the ending ...

"Oh, he's quite dead," smiled Asgard.  "But the soul will be restless until he's safely washed away in the salt water.  He'll slowly see the errors of his ways."
     After the last of the Drugar's ashes were packed tightly in the tin, Asgard carefully closed the lid and sealed it in place.  As he did, the first rays of sunlight broke out across the lake.  The four looked at each other.  Smiles slowly replaced the vigilant faces of battle.  Charlie was the first to make a dash for the lake.  Loki was hot on his heels, followed by the Morianders.
    Laughing and yelling, they jumped into the ice cold water, clothes and all.  Loki barked from the bank but eventually made his way into the lake as well.  It felt good to be alive, to feel the refreshing lake water wash over them.  It was morning and the horror of the Drugar attack was finally behind them.
     Soon, the chill of the ghastly campsite would be replaced by the challenges  of the swift and dangerous, Courageous River.  But for now, at that moment, they washed themselves in the crystal clear water of the lake and slowly surrendered the horror of the Drugar attack to the lake's life-giving sweetness."

-----just as an aside.........having spent the last 30 some years in New Hampshire...and enjoying the clear, refreshing water of our lakes....I drew from that experience in writing this chapter.  If you ever get the chance to head up this way to the "lakes region" of New Hampshire - you'll see what I mean...

hope everyone has a good weekend


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