Fall Equinox continued

I don't want to place too much emphasis on the Fall Equinox in the Chronicles - but I did have a lot of fun with it.  In general terms,  my thoughts in choosing that point at which the Old Friends leave Medelia would be:

 Again, I am no expert on this:  Having said that:  The Equinox's occur twice a year when there are - approximately- equal "parts" of day and night -  when the sun crosses the equator.  The Fall Equinox signals a time of "darkness" as the days will be getting "shorter." 

Now, of course, this was one of the considerations in choosing the Fall Equinox for the Chronicles - that being a time of Darkness....after all, the Old Friends were / are the "guardians of the 8 Laws of Understanding"  Their leaving is a big deal for the World of Humans.  I've sprinkled in a "few" other references, etc. to the Fall Equinox but I won't reveal what those are :) - actually - there are more than a few - but enough said on that :)

Now, speaking of the Old Friends...and their leaving, this I had loads of fun with !!!!  I have posted information on the Old Friends before but will ask the question again.  Just who are the Old Friends?  And, of course, why is it that they have to leave the World of the Humans when they do?  We know in the story, that they were given 2000 years to help guard and teach the significance of the 8 Laws of Understanding to the Medelians. As the 2000 year mark approaches...."time is up...."

We also know, that the Old Friends were given the ability to suspend time.  That process and some of the mechanisms as to how all that works is detailed in Chapter 39, Junia and the Shadowling, which I will again explore in depth a bit later. 

But the questions remains !!!!! 

1.  Just who are the Old Friends !!! 
2.  What happens to them once they are gone? 
3.  What have they accomplished?   
4.  How did the 8 Laws of Understanding get transformed into 8 pearls? 
5.  Why did the pearls get redistributed - so to speak - into the 8 stone pillars - The vortexes of Powers?
6.  What are the Vortexes of Power?  We know that the pearls left the stone pillars and traveled to Courageous Lake.  We know they did this because they sensed that their power was growing dim....

Well, lots of questions--------more later..

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