Chapter 36 - Darkenland

I must say, by the time I reached chapter 36........I was definitely in a groove with respects to the story...I had been waiting to write this chapter for some time and so... "thinking about it..."

Junia and her companion, Stanyon, are on their way to Myrkland.  Junia, one of the Old Friends, has an "appointment" with Nibel but it's raining and thus she is late !!!  As they approach the village, they come to a small but raging creek and an old bridge that is about to wash away.  Junia asks the question:
     "Do you think it's safe?"  asked Junia.  She was a woman in her mid-twenties.  She was fit and seemed well suited or the rugged life in Medelia after the betrayal.  The taller and stronger of the two, a young man by the name of Stanyon, inspected  the underpinnings of the hundred year old bridge.  The roar of the swollen creek and the splashing water would have been enough to discourage most travelers from going any further, but not Stanyon.  He was young and confident.  Hardships did not bother him.
     "It'll hold, but for much longer," he replied.  "We should go."  He slowly led his nervous stallion across the bridge.  When he was safely on the other side, he tied up his horse and walked back across the raging creek to his companion.  He took the reins of her horse, a brown and white speckled gelding.  The horse clearly did not want to move from the relative safety of the river bank.
    "Okay, let's go," he said in a calm reassuring voice.  "You stick with me and nothin' will hurt yah"  The horse pawed at the mud for awhile, then reared up and held its ground.  But Stanyon was patient.  His horsemanship was next to none.  In the end, he got his way and led the gelding to the other side of the bridge.  The young woman followed close behind.  The bridge held.  They were relieved to be across.

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