Chapter 35 - Drugars

Again, this was a chapter that I really !!!  had fun with.  Creating the Drugars took a while....I researched the topic for weeks - again all fun is some information from a web site "The Viking Answer Lady...."

    and I quote: "For the Vikings, the concept of the afterlife was often much more immediate than glorious skaldic tales of Valholl or the Christian's Heaven: once the dead body is placed within the grave, it was believed to become 'animated with a strange life and power.' (Hilda Ellis-Davidson.  The Road to Hel)

The idea, here is that the undead, the ghastly figure that appears in Chapter 35, does indeed "become animated with a strange life and power."  Again, according to Norse legend, the undead -  (in the Norse were called, haugbui or draugr)  - a walking corps -  retains some of the physical characteristics of the once living person.  The haugbui or draugr - ( I sort of borrowed from this and called my character a Drugar :)   could grow in size and would cause harm to its enemy by crushing them ( basically sitting on them)  .....ugggggg  !!!

The haugbui or draugr might develop additional powers like - being able to look into the future, control the weather and shape shift.  The shape shifting idea was of interest to me !!  One of the shape shifting characters according to Norse legend....was a cat !!!  (Others were a seal, a horse and a bull)  - To cause harm to its victim, the cat, in this case, would sit on their chest and crush them !!!  again ugggggg !!!!

But, being a "boy at heart"  I sort of liked that idea and so used it in  Chapter 35.  I'll quote several paragraphs from this chapter because I really enjoyed writing it !!!!

This is after the mysterious creature walks into camp and the Morianders and Charlie recognize it as a cat, or a kitten to be exact.    Magni is speaking.
     "It's a kitten," she smiled.  "And by the smell of it, the little fellow needs a bath."  The animal continued to walk into camp as if it belonged there all along.  When it came to within ten feet or so, the light from the fire reaffirmed Magni's first sighting.  It was a brown long haired kitten with white markings around its nose and three paws.  Its tail was mostly white with several brown stripes near the tip.  Everyone except Loki seemed relieved that the strange smell did not carry with it any ominous surprises."   

Of course it will !!!  :)

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