Chapter 35 continued

A few more paragraphs in this chapter (one of my favorites) Baldur explains some of the "whys and wherefores" of a Drugar.

     "Drugars are ghosts that died before they can fulfill their purpose," explained Baldur.  "They're angry and jealous of the living. They want to still be alive and finish whatever it was that consumed them in life.  My guess is that somebody or something put him up to this."
    "But what did he want with me?" asked Charlie.  "Why did he want to kill me?"
     If it's one of the riders, like I think it was, they weren't after you," replied Asgard. "He wanted something you have."
     "The diary?" gasped Charlie.  "He wanted the diary?  But how did he know about that?"
     "How many riders did you say there were?" asked Baldur.
     "Three," replied Charlie.
    "Then there'll be two more of the nasty little things to contend with," said Magni.  "We can be assured of that."

so the plot thickens a bit.  For those of you who have read the book, well you know what happens.  For those who have not...."the rest of the story" is not too far off.

(I know things with the blog have slowed down a bit - but I still enjoy the postings and thanks to those of you who check in and especially thanks to those of you who have down loaded and / or purchased Book One.  Making good progress on Book Two - I think you'll like it.)

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