Chapter 34 -

In this chapter, the action switches back to the Morianders and the kids.  Magni and Baldur have returned from Port Thomas with news that Rocky is alive but still sick.  Asgard then tells Charlie who they are and why they have been trying to find him.  He gives Charlie the diary.  Charlie, of course, has the key in the back of his compass which fits the lock on the book.

So what is going on here???  Well, I have posted on this before but...the diary, of course, is a "magic" object given to the hero by the mentors.  The "ghosts" in the Rusty Scuttle have already given Charlie the magic sword and his mother gave Charlie the key and the compass.  The diary, then, is another gift given the hero to help him along his way. 

The Morianders do their best to convince Charlie that they can be trusted.  They tell him that they knew his father, Mathew, that they had been looking for him and they are committed to helping him on his quest to find and protect the 8 Laws of Understanding. 

Charlie tells the three mentors his part of the unfolding story, that being the three riders who showed up at his cottage back in Port Thomas.  Charlie opens the diary and reads the letter from his father.  The rest of he pages are blank - for now that is :)

Of course !!! once the diary is open...trouble is not too far behind.  Asgard speaks to Charlie:

     "Once the diary is out in the open, we can expect trouble of some kind.  As for your wanting to stick around for..."
     It was Baldur who spotted the first.  "I don't mean to interrupt," said Baldur.  "But I think we've got company."
     They all looked up into the sky, including Loki.
     "What in the world is that?" Magni asked.
     The four watched for a while.  There were two black clouds off in the direction that seemed to be coming towards them.  As the dark clouds got closer, the faint outlines of the lead ravens, Huggan and Muggan, came into focus.

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