Chapter 33

I must admit, I love Chapter 33.  The plot thickens, of course.  Varina calls out to Nibel and tells him some interesting little facts.  First of all, Varina informs Nibel that the one person that knows how to make the magic rope is:

     "It's your mysterious someone on the Olden Counsel.  She knows.  All of the Old Friends carry the ingredients and the formula for the calculations with them at all times.  The rope is a bit of a...pacifier for them, just like your rubber ducky."

Of course, Varina is mocking the Old Friends just as she does Nibel.  The "relationship" between Nibel and Varina is far from healthy, which is material for another posting - although I have mentioned the two (Varina and Nibel before.)   But it's just too much fun to not mentioned them from time to time.  I spent months trying to figure them out and how they might interact with each other.  Had tons of good times doing so, I must admit.

The second thing that happens in this chapter is that Varina informs the reader that a batch of serum that Junia needs is not quite ready !!!  Meaning that it's safety can not be guaranteed. Varina then tells Nibel:

     "Well, that's a pity now, isn't it?  You could have traded the fountain of youth serum for the ingredients and calculations to make your precious little rope."

It's Toad that suggests the obvious:
     "We could at least offer the serum, Master," Toad said.  "You do understand she needs it before the Fall Equinox.  All the Old Friends must leave Medelia by midnight on the Equinox."

(more on this on the next post)

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