Chapter 32

I have to say, that Chapter 32 is one of my favorites.  I just re read the chapter and still laugh at the parts that are suppose to be funny and like the others :)  Nibel, is trying to get over the lasted confrontation with the Shadowling and summons his faithful, Toadling for little strategy session.  There is the scene in the bathtub with his rubber ducky.  One of the early paragraphs that I like is this one:  Toad has asked that he and Nibel go to the private workshop to discuss a plan that Toad has come up with.  Nibel would prefer to discuss the idea in his private quarters but this time, Toad persists with the request.  Nibel finally agrees to go but voices a "warning" to Toadling :)

     "Nibel played with his rubber ducky for a moment then reluctantly put the floating toy up on a nearby shelf.  "Oh, very well," replied Nibel.  "But it better be good or say good-bye to your warts and embrace your inner frog."

(I just couldn't resist that one !!!  )

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