Chapter 32 ----------some more thoughts :)

this is a continuation of the corollary between the Shadowling and the Norse myth of Fenrir the wolf:

According to Norse legend, the Aesir gods decided to raise Fenrir themselves to keep him from creating a "whole bunch of trouble" in the Nine Worlds.  But he kept growing at an alarming rate and eventually they felt he had to be chained up.  Several attempts with metal chains failed.  They finally contacted the dwarfs who forged a new rope called, Gleipnir.  As I have posted before, the ingredients were;  1.  the sound of a cat's foot fall
                                   2.  the beard of a woman
                                   3.  the roots of a mountain
                                   4.  the sinews of a bear
                                   5.  the breath of a fish
                                   6. the spittle of a bird

according to legend, the chain was forged by the dwarves in the underground world of Nioavellir.  The magic rope, of course, bound Fenrir but cost hand of the brave Tyr.

Another interesting little tid bit on this subject, is that, according to Norse legend, the father of Skoll and Hati is none other than Fenrir !!!  (Skoll, of course, appears in the last chapter of Book One in the Chronicles)

So...........I had tons of fun with the next post, I'll talk about the corollaries between Fenrir and the Shadowling...but another interesting side trip - which we could talk about for some time - are the two wolves, Skoll and Hati...

Now again, I am not a scholar on Norse Mythology - so please be patient with me - but my ancestry is all Norwegian so I guess I have gravitated to such - according to Medieval Icelandic historian, Snorri Sturluson, Skoll chases the sun, Sol and Hati chases the moon, Mani.  At Ragnarok, the downfall of the cosmos, they catch both the sun and the moon. post will explore how the Shadowling fits into this delightful "conspiracy theory"

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