Chapter 32 cont,

So, just one more thing about chapter 32, is that Toad finally comes to the conclusion that he doesn't have the ability to make the magic rope that Nibel now wants:  Nibel asks the question....

     "Well, can you or can't you?" yelled Nibel.  "The suspense is almost too much for me.  I feel far too frail this morning."
     Finally Toad spoke.  "I don't have the necessary alchemy to do it, Sire.  Even if I could obtain the ingredients, I simply would not be able to calculate the necessary formulas to transform them into the rope."
     "Well, if you don't know how to do it, who would?" asked Nibel.  "There must be someone who would be willing to help us?"

This, of course, sets up the mysterious "someone" that does have the ingredients and the knowledge to make the rope.  This whole process took a while to set up and plays out in delightful ways not only in Book One but in subsequent books, that being the secret betrayer.  For those who have read Book One, it turns out to be Junia!!!

The character of Junia is steeped in delicious secrets.  I sort of hide her and reveal just bits and pieces of her.  As to who she really is, will, perhaps, always remain a mystery. I for one, will never reveal the true identity of Junia...:)

As the chapter ends, Varina calls out to Nibel which will lead him (and the reader) in the direction of the how the rope can be made and by whom !!!

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