Rusty Sctuttle vs. Spouter Inn

This is just fun stuff - not to be taken too seriously - but here are some comparisons
1.  Spouter Inn - (Melville's Moby Dick) - and if have the facts wrong - it was not my intention - please forgive - Set in New Bedford, Mass.
2.  Ishmael arrives at the Inn which is mostly full.  There is a delightful array of pictures, harpoons, clubs and spears in the Inn.  The picture that captures Ishmael's attention appears to be a whale attempting to destroy a 3 mast ship. 
3.  Ishmael is told, if he wants a room, he will have to share it with the harpooner, Queequeg.  At first he says yes, then no, then yes. 
4.  He crawls into bed only to find out that Queequeg has been out trying to sell shrunken stuffed heads.  Queequeg comes back and finds Ishmael in bed and is about to attack him when Peter Coffin, the Inn keeper intervenes.
5. Together, Ishmael and Queequeg go to Nantucket and sign on with Capt Ahab on board the Pequod.

So there is plenty of delightful Threshold Guardian reference in the chapter.  How can one top Melville?? 

The Rusty Scuttle:

1.  Set in the Otherworld in a seaport town (Port Thomas)
2.  The Inn is old and cranky with a less than honorable reputation.
3.  Charlie ends up in the old tavern somewhat by accident, vs. Ishmael who goes into the Spouter Inn by choice.
4.  Charlie is challenged in Inn and a fight breaks out.  Ishmael is certainly challenged by Queequeg and is almost killed.  Only the Inn keeper at the Spouter Inn saves him.
5.  Charlie is saved by the two cloaked men (later the reader finds out are ghosts - one might say -of his father and grandfather.
6.  Both young men pass through the Threshold without challenging the Guardians and are "officially" allowed on the "adventure."

Again, just fun stuff.

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