Paragraph - Chapter 31 - Meeting in the Poisoned Forest

In this chapter, the Shadowling has not yet come to terms with its real "mission" in Medelia, that being to introduce "struggle" to the World of the Humans.  He is angry and resentful and just wants to
"go home."  I thought about what I might write in this chapter for some time.  I wanted to present the fallen creator with a truly "human" situation. Who among us has not been in a situation that was not to our liking and all we really wanted to do was to "go home."  And more specifically, the age old problem that almost all of us have had to endure perhaps many times in our childhood, "being sent our rooms."  Of course, there are nearly endless variations to this "banishment."  The child, hurt and afraid of what may come next, "awaits his or her fate." 

For most of us, the banishment was short lived followed by reconciliation and a rejoining of the family unit.  For the Shadowling, the feelings he was having that morning were similar.  He had been banished from the Heart of Heavens and not for just an "hour or two" but forever. Not only that, his name was "taken from him" as well.  A double whammy, as I used to tell the kids.

So, he is not a happy camper and he plans to visit Nibel to settle a score with the dwarf.  He confronts Nibel:

     "I'll come to the point," the Shadowling announced.  "Trying something as foolish as to steal the key from young Hunter is one thing.  But giving some untested poison to three of your trusted and loyal lieutenants, that is another matter Nibel.  Do you know what you've done here?"

(more fun with this later)

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