Paragraph Chapter 30 - Tough Choices Ahead

I have to say, Chapter 30 is one of my favorites.  A couple things are going on.  The first, is the attempt to cross the Red River into the Otherworld.  The Red River, as noted before, is the outer boundary for the Threshold of Adventure.  Once crossed, the hero can not re cross until the adventure is finished.  Charlie, of course, doesn't know that :)  So, he thinks he can accompany Rocky back to Port Thomas.  Wrong!  Loki and Charlie's horse, Tommie, "understand," meaning that I assigned them the role as "boundary police...."  to put it one way.  Rocky will provide the human voice to Charlie's attempt to go back to Port Thomas before the adventure is finished.

So, here are the paragraphs that describe what is happening:

     They picked a reasonable place to cross.  Baldur, Magni and Asgard took their horses into the rushing water.  They wanted to make sure it was safe enough to bring Rocky over.  After the three were safe on the other side, Rocky and Charlie started out.  As soon as Charlie's horse, Tommie, touched the water, however, he stopped.  Charlie kicked him in the sides but the gelding wouldn't move.
     "Come on, Tommie," Charlie barked.  "This is no time for funny business."  Instead of obeying Charlie's command, as he had on every other occasion, Tommie stood his ground.  Charlie tried again to get his horse to head into the water and again Tommie wouldn't budge.  He was not going across the river.
     "Alright!" yelled Charlie.  "We're going across this river one way or another.  We don't have time for this."
     Charlie jumped off his horse and took the reins and headed into the water.  Then something happened that no one could have predicted.  Loki, who had been riding with Magni, jumped down and waded into the ice cold water.  He proceeded to growl and bark at Charlie in an effort to keep him from crossing. 
     "Oh, would you stop it, Loki.  Not you too."  Loki, however, did not stop.  As a matter of fact, he bared his teeth and readied himself or a fight.  Charlie quickly flashed to their struggles with the Dunks. In his heart, he knew Loki wasn't kidding around.  It was Rocky, nearly burning up with fever, who was t he voice of reason.
     "You're not supposed to go back," she whispered.  "You even said it yourself.  It's too dangerous...for everybody.  Tommie and Loki seem to know better that we do."

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