Paragraph - Chapter 29 - The Mentors Arrive

Again, a grand fight scene  !!  Charlie and Tug duel it out with the help of the Morianders keeping the rest of Tug's gang in check.  Charlie wins, of course.  At the end of the fight, he throws Tug's sword back up to him, an act of respect for the young warrior.  Tug acknowledges Charlie as his "equal" and he and the boys of the north ride off.  That leaves Rocky and Charlie and the Morianders.

So, there is some explaining to do.  The two parties have just met and will certainly join forces soon but for now Rocky and Charlie don't know anything about them including whether they can trust the three.  In the end, they do, of course and Asgard, Baldur and Magni agree to accompany Rocky and Charlie back to the Otherworld despite the fact that Rocky may have Dunk Fever and may be contagious.

One of the paragraphs I like ( I really liked them all :) was at the end of the fight with Tug and Charlie.  Here goes:

    "Tug looked at Charlie, now his equal.  He nodded his head and walked back to his horse.  With his left hand bleeding and in obvious pain, he managed to crawl back onto his horse and position himself in the saddle.  He and the other boys were about to ride away when Charlie went over to where Tug's sword was still stuck in the ground.  He pulled it out and looked over at Rocky.  She nodded her approval.  Charlie then swung the sword behind him and, with a powerful motion, threw it up to Tug.  The surprised and grateful Northlander reached up and caught the weapon, ever so skillfully, by the handle.  Tug and Charlie took one more look at each other, then the Northlander boys rode away and were not seen again."

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