paragraph - chapter 28 - Boys From the North

Well, what to say about this chapter other than I had a lot of fun writing it.  A good "fight" scene and some information about Northlander territory and the tough times in that part of the Medelia.  Rocky, of course, is getting sicker and needs to get home soon.  I guess one of the things I was trying to point out was the urgency in getting "home" given that she did not go through the Threshold of Adventure and by rights until she does can truly be a part of the adventure.  Also, the mentors arrive, just in the nick of time, of course.

Charlie, Rocky and the boys from the north gang !!!  battle it out and as the chapter ends, Rocky and Charlie have about had it!!!  And would have if the Morianders had not arrived. 

Although I have to say, I liked the entire chapter, I would have to pick the last paragraph as my favorite.  So here that is:

     The Northlander gang proved too much for Rocky and Charlie.  They closed in for the final blows.  Tug, with his bleeding right hand, was now bent on killing the two regardless of the cost.  Just as he was about to act on his anger, however, three other riders rode up the snowy knoll to the scene of the battle.  They were Magni, Baldur and Asgard, and they had found what they were looking for just in time.

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