Paragraph Chapter 27 - Dunk Fever

Just wanted to say one more thing on this chapter, that being the significance of the Peregrine.  The Peregrine Falcon - from Native American medicine - is all about speed and the discriminating eye.  The Falcon uses restraint and takes in the whole picture then when it is sure as to what it wants, it's speed is unequaled - (greater than 200 mph)

So !!! I chose the Falcon as "Rocky's reward"  for playing by the rules and going back to Port Thomas because - she is - among other attributes - an observer.  She takes in everything then when the time is ready, she strikes.  Once she is connected to the falcon, she can - from that time on - speak with birds - just like Magni.

Her return to Port Thomas is slow - but she makes it - The trip is slow because she is "wounded, " otherwise, with the aide of the Falcon, the ride would have swift and with no problems.  (Again the wound was because she "ran away" - meaning she did not follow the blue print of the mythological hero.

One last thing about the Falcon, that being its name.  In Native American medicine, Juniper is associated with protection.  I had been thinking of what to call the bird then came up with Juniper for this reason.  Rocky then, once she decides to go back to Port Thomas, gains knowledge and power with reference to her status as part of the mythological hero and Juniper is the proof of that.  She will, from that point on, have greater protection in the story.  Here is the paragraph that resulted in her naming. 

     But Rocky had no plans to leave the injured bird to another predator.  "Oh, I'm not afraid of her," she replied.  "Not after what we've been through together."  Just then a flock of geese could be heard off in the distance.  They were traveling north on their spring migration.  Rocky looked up and noticed for the first time that she and Charlie were standing in the middle of a grove of young juniper trees.  It was clear to see that a fire had taken the older trees some time ago, leaving the only the younger trees.
     "I think I'll call her Juniper," she said in a calm, reassuring voice.

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