Paragraph - Chapter 26 - Rocky and the Dunks

I must admit, I liked this chapter :) There is a lot of action which was fun to write.  Rocky and Charlie finally meet.  Loki, of course, is the hero in the chapter.  He does all sorts of daring things, chasing after the "wild beasts," risking his life to help save his dear Rocky.  The paragraph that sort of seals the deal for Rocky is the one I have selected.  Remember now, that Rocky at this point can't join the adventure and has to return home.  The problem, if you will, that I faced was what sort of circumstance would she run into that would make a case for her to return home.  I needed something that "could not be argued against."  She has to return home and it needed to be more than a firm instance from Charlie.

Also, I mentioned in the last post, Rocky (the female component of the mythological hero)  needed to me slapped on the wrist - so to speak - for running away.  The running away, of course, was not so much the impulsive act of someone wanting to join up with Charlie, but rather the breaking of the rules of the game.  (To join the adventure, she needed to pass through the Threshold Guardians - which she did not.)

So, this paragraph is step one, so to speak, as to why she must return home and is the "slap" that results from not understanding that she has to go through the Rusty Scuttle in order to join Charlie.

     "Seeing the sudden, violent end of the pack's leader, the second Dunk flew back on top of Rocky and this time found its mark.  Charlie jumped off his horse and came running with his sword out and ready.  But before he could drive the half-crazed animal away, the Dunk bit into Rocky's left leg above her leather boot.  She cried out in pain as the beast's teeth tore through her flesh right down to the bone."

I had a lot of fun with this chapter.  Took me weeks to figure out what and how to convey the part of the hero's journey as it refers to the Threshold Guardians.

Next post, I think I will go back to that part of Moby Dick to see how Melville portrayed his Threshold Guardians.  Might be fun to do that.

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