Paragraph - Chapter 25 - The Cloak Comes Home

In Chapter 25, the Shadowling and Nibel are trying to negotiate for the Cloak.  Charlie, of course, isn't just going to hand it over.  The cloak, the reader will remember, is Pure Intended Thought.  Going back to the prologue, the cloak arrived on the scene from the Heart of Heavens delivered by the One Outside the Seven. I had a lot of fun with all of that, but the point being that the Cloak is quite powerful.  In essence, it is a lot like Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. 

By the way, Aladdin story is a wonderful story.  For those of you who are not familiar with the story, is it a Middle Eastern Folk Tale that was originally found in the book, The Book of One Thousand and One Nights ("The Arabian Nights")  The first European translator of the book, was a French orientalist and archeologist by the name of Antoine Galland.  If you haven't read the story, I think you might enjoy it.

In the Chronicles, I use three words to describe the Cloak.  The first "Pure"  was simply meant to convey the added power of the celestial Cloak.  In this case, the word "pure" is used to mean that it came from the "heavens" and had not been diminished in any way by the thought process of the World of the Humans. 

The second word, is "Intended."  So, just a quick dictionary definition (from Merriam-Webster) : 1.  A determination to act in a certain way:  Resolve.  (import or significance)  2.  A concept considered  the product of intention directed to an object of knowledge.

The third word, Thought.  Again, from Merriam-Webster) : 1.  The act or process of thinking: Cognition 2.  The power to imagine: Conception

So, one way to put the three words together might be:  one's ability, in a clean, perfect manner to bring about (to demonstrate) the power of our imagination.

Now in the Heart of Heavens, the Shadowling (formerly Orbenos) doesn't need the Cloak to live and prosper.  But in the World of the Humans, is does. He, therefore, is vulnerable.  So what does this mean?    Again, I spent, perhaps :) far too much time with this concept but what I tried to convey:  is that unless one "puts on his / her  cloak"  ( become aware of the power of our own intentions) we are vulnerable - meaning that - we just sort of go through our lives in a bumper car...just sort of bumping along with no real direction in our lives or at best trying to find our direction but at the mercy of other peoples thoughts and intentions.  (another way to say this, is that our locus of control is outside of ourselves)

In other words, like the dying Shadowling without the Cloak, unless we understand that we can "direct our own lives"  by our intentions (by the power of our imagination) we pretty much are stuck with whatever life situations come our way.

The Shadowling, with out the Cloak, is and would die.  Charlie knew it and so, our hero, does not make it easy for the Shadowling to reclaim the cloak.  The only way the fallen creator will win back the prize is to "intend it."  He does this by reciting his "wish"  his intention - in the words of the ancient language ( I use Old Norse ) 

He says - translated - "You belonged to me.  I wore you at the dawn of creation.  I need you again.  Come to me."  So, this is his "intention."  These is his thought ( his power to imagine) the outcome that he wants) and of course the Cloak responds.  The garment wraps itself around the fallen Shadowling and that is that.  He is restored to his prior position of power because he has once more understood how to command his imagination and demonstrate that on the physical plane.

Once the Shadowling is restored to his position of power again - and he then directs his attention to Charlie.  He tells Charlie:
     "Our paths will cross again, young Hunter.  Because the point of your sword touched the garment, you will, in the future, be allowed one brief moment with the cloak.  Use it wisely.  You are a fine young warrior.  Your grandfather would be proud of you."  Before Charlie could reply, the Shadowling disappeared into the darkness."

This, of course, is a foreshadowing of the eventual, second meeting, between Charlie and the Shadowling - which will be the climax to Book Two.........(I think you'll like it)

Anyway....I had loads of fun with the chapter - hope you enjoyed it


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