Paragraph - Chapter 23 - The Plan is Hatched

Just a few more comments on this chapter.  I think I have mentioned this web site but if not, let me include it again:  (left click once then click on the link below)
Anyway, if you have the time and the interest :) - scroll down to the dwarf, Fafnir, the son of the dwarf king, Hreidmar.  This is the Norse dwarf that I referenced for the character of Nibel.  In that description of Fafnir, there is mention of Andvari.   I believe I have mentioned this once before but will talk about this again, as I found this quite interesting and, so the historians have said, this is where Tolkien took his idea for the rings in his wonderful Trilogy.

So Andvari was a dwarf who lived beneath a waterfall and could turn himself into a fish ( a Pike to be exact)  Andvari, so the story goes, had a magic ring, Andvaranaut, that was responsible for his wealth.  Andvari then decides to go for a swim but is captured by the Norse character, Loki, who has a net.  Andvari, realizing what has happened, (wrong place wrong time :) curses his gold.  The curse will cause destruction to anyone who tries to take possession of the gold.  The gold is then abandoned and years later the dwarf, Andvari finds the treasure again.  But there is one small detail.  The ring, Andvaranaut, is missing!!!

In the Chronicles, Nibel's treasure has been cursed by his father, Reid.  My plan was to develop the treasure idea as the story continues in future books ( will see if I can make it to the end:)  In keeping with this idea:

Chapter 23 then, has a number of  interesting little side trips. In this paragraph, Nibel is scolding Toad...

     "...You know full well why we're doing all of this, why we built our fair city, why all the experiments and, most importantly, why we want the diary and perhaps one day have the Laws.  We don't need the bird.  I never needed her.  Do you...understand me, my little Toading?"

     Here Nibel continues down the "wrong path" so to speak.  The reader remembers that Nibel's treasure has been cursed, much like the treasure of Andvari.  Now, if we take this theme and have fun with it :)  - Let's assume for a moment, that Nibel's "experimenting" and the motives that go into these experiments, is his "treasure."  Nibel is an alchemist and does all sorts of experiments - most of which for the wrong reasons and just about all of which cross a number of moral and ethical lines, which he doesn't seem to care about.

So one of my points with this chapter and with the complex character of Nibel, is this idea of experimentation and the thoughts that go into those decisions to create.  In keeping with the Norse myths, I guess what I am trying to sort of sneak in here, is the idea that we all must be mindful of the thoughts we keep.  If our thoughts are for the "wrong reasons..." i.e. destructive thoughts for ourselves and others - much like what Nibel has done - then one might consider these thoughts to be the "cursed treasure of Andvari"  or Nibel's cursed treasure... 

Now what if :) these thoughts - (that we think and act on for the wrong reasons) are "stolen" - used by others for continued wrong reasons - was the case with the dwarf, Anvari and his treasure and with King Reid's treasure.  And even if the bulk of our treasure (our - destructive ideas - ) return to us - some of our thoughts, like the magic ring, Andvaranaut, might go missing...

Aren't we then still responsible for those ideas ????    In a world where it is perhaps far too easy for our thoughts to go all over the world, we must all (in keeping with the lessons of mythology) pay attention to our thoughts and what our motives might be)  May our motives always be for peace and healing for ourselves and for our planet.

Anyway, you might see the fun I had with this chapter!!!  It took me a long time to finish Chapter 23.  But I enjoyed the process.

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