Chaptet 24 Continued -

Another fun little tid bit that I wanted to develop in this chapter is the relationship between the Shadowling and the soon to be Black Swan, Muspell.  So, what's going on here? :) 

1.  The Shadowling leaves the Heart of Heavens and arrives in the World of the Humans.  He, of course, does not have the cloak.  Now remember, the Shadowling is "struggle."  After the "fall"  - the end of a perfect world - the Shadowling arrives to introduce struggle in the world. 

2.  Now, when the Shadowling meets Nibel - in the chapter - he is not well.  In fact, he is dying.  Without his cloak, his "intentions"  and more specifically, the clarity of his intentions, will die.  So what does this first part mean.  Well, to put it a simply as I can, without understanding what struggle means in our lives, we just might "miss the point of the lesson."  We don't necessarily die but the understanding of the life lesion (the understanding of the particular episode of struggle) might die - We just miss the opportunity of learning what we are suppose to learn.

3.  This is the Beauty and the Beast story, of course.  (well, the Disney version  that is :)) The old woman knocks on the door of the rich, spoiled prince and offers him a rose.  (The opportunity to change his behavior and actually find love and kindness in his life) The prince, of course, turns the old woman away ( sends out the messenger) and thus misses the lesson.  The old woman, of course, places a curse on the prince and turns him into a "beast"  The only way the spell will be broken is if he can find love in his heart and earn the love of another.) 

4. So the Shadowling rides off on the "soon to be black swan"...and, of course, takes back the cloak of Pure Intended Thought - and all is well - for the time being - for the Shadowling.. Now what I was trying to point out - in a sort of round about way - is that unless we understand what struggle means in our lives - as this comes up - we might try and explain the difficulty away as a "black swan event.." and thus sort of miss the point. ( the black swan event - being, among other things - the messenger)

5.  The Shadowling rides on Muspell who is not yet a black swan - so the fallen creator can take back the cloak and later on in the book will understand his true roll as to why he came to the World of the Humans.  ( i.e. he is not yet knee deep in a black swan event and losing sight of the lesson he is to learn - the real reason he came to the World of the Humans) 

6.  Again being rather obscure, but if Muspell was already a black swan, then the Shadowling would have a more difficult time in not only taking back the cloak but in fully understanding his true purpose in being sent to Medelia.  (if that makes any sense :)

7.  So for us all, try not to bite the hand of the messenger and miss the message :)

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