Chapter 32 - Nibel's New Plan

In Chapter 32, Nibel comes with a new plan, which has to do how he plans to get back at the Shadowling.  Remembering, that the Shadowling was one of the seven original creators of the World of the Humans, he still has tremendous powers despite being banished from the Heart of Heavens.  The plan is a "magic rope" that could be used to bind up the fallen one.  But the rope would have to be "strong."  

I had tons of fun coming up with such a rope and went to Norse Mythology for ideas :)   As the legend goes :)  the magic rope in Old Norse was called Gleipnir.  It was used to bind the fierce wolf, Fenrir.  The gods twice tried to tie up the giant wolf with metal chains and failed on both occasions.  Then, they commissioned the Dwarves of Svartalfaheim to forge an unbreakable chain.

Svartalfaheim - "the world inhabited by dwarves, occasionally called Black Elves, in the home of the Black Elves.  Master smith and craftsmen who live below the ground in labyrinths and subterranean complexes."  (more on this later :)

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