Chapter 31 - Meeting in the Poisoned Forest - paragraph

Again, this was a fun chapter to write.  The further exploration of the Drugars is discussed.  These undead creatures were my answer to Tolkien's Ringwraithes.  The concept of the Drugar, as I have mentioned, is from Norse Mythology.  I just borrowed a little of this and a little of that. 

The idea of the Drugar, is that most warriors have the potential to become a Drugar, given all the right circumstances.  First, there must an intense mission that they are on, a quest so to speak.  It "helps" if they are basically following orders from a superior.  Also, their individual personality has a lot to do as to whether they will become a Drugar.  The warrior most susceptible to becoming the "undead" is someone who is:
                          1.  Highly trained
                          2.  Has a high moral standard (the elite warrior's code of ethics - to put it one way)
                          3.  Does not like to leave things undone - (the job isn't over until "it's over)
                          4.  Does not necessarily have to be in the company of other warriors on the same quest but it helps.
                          5.  Is someone that is jealous of the living (they want to still be alive) and thus carry deep resentments towards all those still living. 
                          6.  They have a mission that was not fulfilled in life and now want to settle the score.
                          7.  On a more technical note, there are several kinds of Drugars.  The first, is the type of undead that appears in Book One and has the characteristics I have just mentioned.  The second, is a Drugar that was just plain nasty in life.  He was nasty and into abuse of power.  These Drugars are extremely dangerous - not to be messed with.  The last Drugar is the one that dies as a child and is filled with mischief.  The mischief is usually harmless but in the undead state, the Drugar is learning quite fast from other Drugars.  They can appear to be harmless but the living must be careful of them as well.
                         8.  If you are killed by a Drugar, watch out !!!  This is not a pretty site particularly if the Drugar found it's mark (meaning he or she killed the one it was hunting in life.  If this happens, the victim falls asleep but awakens to the reality of what has happened.  Once awake, there is tug of war, so to speak. The community of Drugars want the newly undead - with the single intention of turning them into a full fledged Drugar.  The students of the Messengers of the Light (given to the World of Humans to aid the Old Friends)  try to break the spell of the senior Drugars.  This causes intense physical and mental pain in the live of the  newly undead.

(more on this later)

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