Chapter 30 continued

Two other sections of this chapter are also some of my all time favorites...what can I say??

The first is when Dr. Jenkins has finished the operation on Rocky and come out into the kitchen to report on her condition.  He says:

     "She's resting as comfortably as possible," he began.  "There was a lot of  poison in her leg.  I've packed the wound with medicine.  If everything goes well, she should be feeling a lot better by morning."
     The words hung in the air.  As warm and reassuring as they were intended to sound, there was a horrible ache to them, a hollow place that none in the room could possibly fill.  What if things didn't go well?  What if Rocky didn't respond to the surgery and to the medicine?  What if Dr. Jenkins' plant and herb medicine, that he had worked so hard over the years to perfect to treat Dunk fever, didn't work?  Nobody wanted to know.  They were content to let the word drift in the warmth of the Inn, protected for the time being from the wind and blowing snow.

Yah gotta love it :)

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