A big Thank you !!

Just wanted to thank all the readers of the blog and all those who either purchased books or downloads since last August !!!  "We" are coming up on 5000 page views which, of course, is encouraging for me !!!  Book Two........which I have re organized :)  will involve "real life" kids.  It's been fun to try and figure out..  It was not the way I had originally intended the series to go but, as of late, I really wanted to somehow bring the storyline back to a contemporary setting with kids !!!  I have finally figured things out enough to forge ahead...and should now be able to move along quite quickly.  Am hoping to have Book Two finished by late winter / early spring. 

I "wish" I could talk about it.........(alas I can't)  but let me say that the many of the ideas in the story will be unique !!!!  and I might say.......the over all format is by no means one of a kind - but the actual storyline and where some of the action "goes"  will be one of a kind...

I can honestly say that "where Book Two goes"  has never, in my estimation, been the subject of children's literature before.

So, thanks for staying with me.


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