Paragraph - Chapter Twenty-Two - Myrkland

Again, I had fun with this chapter.  It took me quite awhile to figure out Nibel and his fair city of Myrkland.  The city, of course, had some secrets which, I must say, were delightful to have rambling around in my head.  In this Chapter, the reader gets their first real look at the city.  Nibel and one of his security guards, a man by the name of Blanda, are out a ways from the city.  Nibel, as it turns out, gets the "feeling" again.  The feeling, as you might remember, is what happens to the dwarf when Varina calls him.  The relationship between Nibel and the amulet is continued in this chapter. 

Nibel and Bland return to Myrkland then the dwarf dismisses Blanda and hurries down to his workshop and to his beloved, Varina.  She gives him some interesting news.  The gemstone tells Nibel the following:
1.  Charlie crossed the Red River and is Northlander country.  (you will remember that the Red River is the last "outpost" so to speak - of the Threshold of Adventure.
2.  Charlie has the key to his father's and grandfather's diary.
3.  The diary, of course, is what Nibel wants because he feels - the 8 Laws of Understanding - will someday be his if he can get his hands on the diary.
4.  The amulet then tells Nibel that the fallen creator, now called the Shadowling, has arrived in the Poisoned Forest not far from Myrkland.
5.  And finally, Varina informs the dwarf that the Shadowling does not have the cloak - which he will need -  if he is to live in the world of the humans.

As to the paragraph, I really had fun with the "feeling." As I said in earlier posts, the "feeling" was a childhood term that we used for a variety of things - and was just delightful to sort of bring it back after so many years.  So, here's the paragraph or two.

     "Nibel reached up and touched his hot and already painful ears.  "It's the feeling.  How could I have been so stupid?  Of course, it's the feeling."  He gently rubbed his ear lobes, hoping to make the pain go away.  The ears were burning up.  He then heard a strange animal noise.  It was a mournful howl, as if some poor creature were wounded and hoping in vain for a rescue that would never come.
     "Do you hear that noise?" Nibel asked.  "There must be an animal that's been..."  Nibel looked over at Bland, who was trying his best not to look too shocked at his commander's sudden bizarre behavior. 
     "I hear nothing, Sire.  We should leave at once for the village.  You must not be well." 

               (which, of course, was the case !!  Nibel was not well - in so many ways)

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