Paragraph - Chapter Twelve - A Night on the Town

In this chapter, Charlie tries his best to explain the events of the night before.  He, Rocky and Loki, walk down to the center of Port Thomas but then a "elderly gentleman" comes walking up towards them and hands Charlie a green and brown backpack.  In the pack, is his sword that he dropped in the wind tunnel trying to fend off the Shadowling and a wrapped bundle.  The mysterious man then whispers to Charlie...."I'd be careful of the cloak.  Keep it out of sight.  You can count on somebody coming for it." 

Well, that sort of stopped all the action.  Rocky and Charlie walk over to one of their favorite picnic spots..."to a secluded grove of young oak trees behind one of the many shops near the boardwalk." Charlie tries to make a case for him not leaving the Otherworld and not knowing where he would go or what he might have to do when bundle inside the pack starts to make a humming noise.  So, this chapter is all about "'leaving." The mythological hero, (actually both Rocky and Charlie) but specifically Charlie at this point in the story, is being given the "call to adventure," which is one of the vital elements in the hero's journey.  Rocky speaks first.

     "It means you're leaving, just like your father and your grandfather, doesn't it?"  Rocky finally asked.  Rocky, of course, had heard the stories from Charlie about how Mathew and Thomas left the Otherworld, periodically, in their quest to secure information on the safekeeping of the eight Laws of Understanding.
     "No, it doesn't.  It doesn't mean anything.  Even if any of it happened, where am I going and what am I supposed to do?  None of it makes any sense.  It for sure doesn't mean I'm leaving."  Just then, they heard a low, sweet humming sound coming from the bottom of the pack.
     "Oh, it doesn't, uh?  Then what's that sound?"  Rocky asked.  "It's got to be part of the whole thing,  I know it. Whatever it is,"  Charlie tipped his head to one side and bent closer to the pack.  There was a sound coming out from the bottom of the backpack."

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