Paragraph - Chapter Thirteen - A change in the Weather

I had a lot of fun with this chapter.  Charlie is on his way home from the festival.  Already, a lot of mysterious things have happened to our hero, all of which are in preparation for his leaving.  With reference to the mythological hero's journey, remember this is "the call to adventure."  Charlie still has a chance to back out of the deal, so to speak.  Stories since the beginning of time, have told this part of the adventure in many different way.  I take several chapters to lay the ground work for "the call."   This is one of those chapters.

So, Charlie gets to the halfway point, Silly Sailor rock, on his way home when he thinks he sees something up on the hillside and decides to have a look.  Loki really doesn't want to tag along but our brave Charlie insists.  A storm comes up (symbolic of trouble, of course) and with the first flash of lightening, he sees three riders.  The riders were patterned after Tolkien's the Nazguls - the Ring Wraiths. I do have my own unique history to the riders, as mentioned in previous chapters. 

At this point in the story, Charlie knows little about the three men other than the disturbing fact that their skin - particularly their chest - had "thick hide and fur growing where the smooth skin of his chest should have been."  He is almost discovered as he tries to stay hidden in the tall, wet grass of the hillside. As the men come closer to Charlie's position, Loki is about to charge the three mysterious riders.  So here is the paragraph I chose.  I tried to describe the tense moment of almost being captured, something that Charlie "would not have appreciated."

     "The riders reigned in their powerful stallions and headed them in Charlie's direction.  Still holding tight to Loki, Charlie and his dog crouched as low as they could in the tall wet grass of the hillside meadow.  Now completely soaked, Charlie and Loki stayed put for the moment.  When the three riders were within about ten yards, two grouse suddenly bolted up from their hiding place.  The surprising flight of the grouse stopped the action for one lingering moment.  The cloaked riders struggled to keep from being thrown from their horses.  Charlie saw his chance to slip away."

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