Paragraph - Chapter Ten - Surprise in the Cellar

In this chapter, Margaret is persuaded by two apparitions to go down into the cellar of her cottage.  There, she discovers a tin box that was hidden up on the stone wall. In the box is the compass, key and the letter that was written by her husband, Mathew. She not only "sees" the ghosts but hears her husband's voice.  The key, of course, is the key that will open Mathew and Thomas' diary.  The compass belonged to both Mathew and Thomas and will turn out be magical.  The letter begins to explain more about Charlie's up coming journey (the journey of the mythological hero.)

I had fun with this chapter and spent a great deal of time on it, even though it is just a few pages.  Margaret, of course, is a bit overwhelmed with all that happens that morning and, in particular, is stunned when she hears her late husband's voice after so many years.  She finally collapses on the floor.  She struggles with the thought of burning the letter but then decides not to do this.  She knows she has to tell her son all about the events of that morning and, of course, she will now have to let Charlie go. 

I selected two short paragraphs in the chapter.  She is trying to put herself back together, so to speak, after the events of that morning.  How does one do this?  How would the reader do this if they just saw two ghosts that they recognized as family members?  And how can she possibly say good bye to her only son knowing that he might not come back home?

 So here are the paragraphs.

     "She slowly walked over to the sink.  She felt sick in her stomach.  She was perspiring and trembling.  She reached for the handle of the water pump and forced it up and down in slow, measured strokes.  It felt good to be doing something familiar.
     She again primed the pump.  Water came out from the metal spout.  She let the cold, spring water fill a small basin.  Margaret reached in and cupped the water with her hands and splashed it on her face.  She washed her face over and over again until she felt stronger."

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