Paragraph - Chapter Sixteen - Loki's Escape

This was a fun chapter to write. Our hero, Loki, "escapes"!!!  The point of this chapter, other than what was intended to be a fun read, is to establish the fact that in order to go along with Charlie, Loki, as well, has to go into and out of the Rusty Scuttle.  Remember now, that the old Inn if the "threshold of adventure" in reference to the hero's journey.  So, if Loki is to go with Charlie, he has to pass through "the threshold guardians."  (In the Chronicles, these are the old sea dogs that chase him into the Scuttle.)

So, Loki just "happens" :) to end up being chased into the tavern !!!  Now, he can't get caught, of course!!!  That would mean he certainly can go on the adventure and would mean, in a round about way, that he has significantly challenged the guardians and has been stopped from proceeding any further.  But, Loki, ever the brave one, avoids being captured and evades his captures long enough to find his escape route.  So, here are a couple of paragraphs that describe the chase and the escape (passing through the "Threshold of Adventure."

     "The scene inside the tavern quickly went from rather comical to outright hysterical.  The men dashed about trying to trap Loki.  In the process, they managed to knock over just about every table and chair in the establishment, as well as the bartender on several occasions.  The sailors shouted and cursed at one another.  Fistfights broke out and still Loki managed to elude his captors.

     All the while he was dashing around, Loki was looking for an escape route.  Finally, he spotted a small back window that was nearly half open.  That was all he needed.  With one last look back at the increasingly frustrated group of seamen, he made a mad dash for the window and, with one delightful leap up, he landed on the sill and wiggled through the opening and down to the alley outside."

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