Paragraph - Chapter Six - The Rusty Scuttle

Just a reminder, the Rusty Scuttle - in reference to the mythological hero - is the Threshold of Adventure - the place where the hero has to pass through without upsetting or being challenged "too much" by those who have been on the other side !!! The characters that the hero meets are potentially dangerous and often challenge the hero - or the hero - often innocently - gets in trouble in an infinite number of ways...

Charlie, of course, quickly finds himself in a potentially life or death situation when he is confronted by one of the old sea dogs in the equally old watering hole, the Rusty Scuttle.  The sailor in the tavern "a man in his early thirties who had come into port on the Prancing Mary" confronts Charlie and accuses him of an attempted robbery.  "The young purple hair pulled a knife and tried to rob me.  Go figure lads."

Charlie does manage to escape from the difficulties inside the tavern, well he sort of has to if there is going to be a story.  He is saved by two mysterious men - (the reader will know who they are later)

So the paragraph that like for this chapter is the last one.  It is when the two men take Charlie up away from the Rusty Scuttle and away from Port Thomas to help fight another mysterious creature that will soon be arriving in the World of the Humans (The Shadowling, of course)

     "Without thinking, Charlie reached up and took hold of the outstretched hand.  When he did, he felt himself being lifted up and in whirlwind of clouds and mist.  Charlie looked down and saw Loki bending down over a young man.  He looked again and saw himself lying on the ground.  He wanted to go back but the pull of the man was stronger than his fears.  The three sailed off into the night sky.  For the first time in his life, Charlie experienced the magic of flight."

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