Paragraph - Chapter Seventeen - Saying Goodbye - continued

I just wanted to post another paragraph or two in this chapter.  I have mentioned these several paragraphs before but I think it is, perhaps, appropriate to talk about them again.  I wrote this chapter about three years ago.  Charlie has to say good bye to Rocky, which he did earlier in the chapter.  Rocky, of course, has her own agenda in wanting to know where Charlie is headed.  She plans to run away, which does not turn out well for her.

Charlie and his mom finally leave and ride west to the Red River that forms the border between the Otherworld and Northlander country.  The Red River, of course, is the last boundary of the Threshold of Adventure.  Once Charlie crosses the river, the "adventure" officially begins.  As I had posted a while back, Charlie's mom will deliver the several lines that I was, in so doing, hoping to summarize the entire series, should they ever be finished :)

Again, for those who might be new to the blog, the Red River is an actual river in the States.  It does flow north helping to form the borders between Minnesota and the Dakotas.  The paragraph leading up to her parting words with her son is first.

     "Margaret had to say good-bye to her son.  She was as ready as any mother could be, even though there was nothing in the world that could ever fill the place left empty by Charlie's leaving.  They sat on their horses and looked at each other for a moment or two.  Loki seemed to understand the sadness and sat quietly.

     "You know, Charlie," Margaret began.  "Your father and grandfather believed in what they were doing.  They understood the importance of finding out everything they could about the Laws of the spirit.  So that if the day ever came when the Laws would need to be found and protected that it easier to do so."
     "I'll do everything I can to try and live up to my father and my grandfather."

(And of course here is the response from his mother.  Given that I wrote this about three years ago - it does seem more than appropriate now - given the state of things in the world.)

     "I know you will, Charlie.  But, I've always felt that what really matters is that we find a place in each other, a place that's good.  And if something is evil, we wall if off and keep it from spreading.  And when we find that goodness in others, it's easier to find it in ourselves.  So I suppose that's a way to protect the Laws of the spirit as well.  If that makes any sense?"


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