Paragraph - Chapter Seventeen - Saying Goodbye

Again, I had fun with this chapter.  There are a number of things I wanted to establish in this chapter.  First and foremost, was the "goodbye"  that Rocky and Charlie would have to get through.  They are young but in love with each other - young love -

So, Charlie and his mom, with Loki now along for the adventure, ride up to the Greenbriar Inn.  Charlie does his best to explain things to Samuel and Mary, Rocky's parents.  They won't know too much about the events of the trip and certainly don't know what happened to Charlie and his mom yesterday.  Rocky and Charlie walk up to an overlook they call, "Black-Eyed Susan" which is named for flowers of that variety that grow around the rocky knoll in the early spring and summer.  Rocky gives Charlie a locket that belonged first to her mother and father.  The locket, of course, turns out to have magical properties that will come into play in Book Two.  Rocky seems the compass that Charlie has around his neck but misses the little compartment that contains the key to the diary.  Rocky then makes Charlie promise....."me right here and now that you're coming home safe and sound and when you do, we're going to get married and have lots of babies, Hunter babies, and live happily ever after."  So this is kind of wishful thinking and certainly romantic for two young lovers but underscores their connection and devotion to each other despite their ages.

Rocky then asks Charlie where he going and insists he tells her the exact route.  This, of course, is the important part of the chapter.  She needs to know his route because she is going to run away from home and try and track him down.  Charlie begins to wonder about it all.  So here is the paragraph.

     "But just then, Charlie wasn't so sure about it all.  At that moment, just a twinge of a doubt crept into his being.  He knew Rocky better than anybody, better than even her parents.  He knew just how stubborn she was.  He knew that she was immovable once she made up her mind to do something.  He struggled with he new thoughts that now flooded his mind.  Just then, however, they saw his mom on the back lawn already up on her horse.  Charlie quickly turned to Rocky. 
    "You're not thinking..."

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