Paragraph - Chapter Seven - Leaving the Heart of Heavens

Hi folks and thanks again for readers of the blog - your support means a lot to me as I weave through the challenges, etc. of Book Two.  So Chapter Seven is a short chapter but noteworthy in that the ancient language of the Heart of Heavens and Medelia is presented.  I think what I might do is try and provide a link so you can hear Old Norse.  It really is a marvelous language one that, of course, is no longer in active, every day use but still marvelous.

one site is :  you can not only hear old Norse or old Icelandic - but learn about the language as well.

in Book One, there are 254 or words - or there a bouts - that I translated - again, I didn't have any help with the translation - so had to rely on internet dictionaries and such - so I would say things are pretty close but probably not perfect.


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