Paragraph - Chapter Nine - Home with Mom

In this chapter, the reader discovers that there are mysteries afoot !! Charlie wakes up in his own bed in his own house after the fight in the wind tunnel.  Strapped to his side is the scabbard given to him by the two men in the Rusty Scuttle but the sword is missing.  Margaret sees the scabbard and she knows what is about to happen, Charlie is about to leave Port Thomas.  I take several short chapters to set up Charlie's leaving home.  But the most noteworthy event in his chapter is the foreshadowing of visitors to Charlie and Margaret's cottage.  So the paragraph I have selected is the last one, of course.  After Charlie and Loki leave, she thinks she hears some noises on the back porch.  She finds the back door partially ajar.
     "Well, that's odd, I know I closed that door last night and no one's opened it."  She cautiously reached for the handle to the door but before she could put her hand on the knob, the door opened.  She stepped back a bit before peeking outside.  There was no one to be found.  Suddenly she noticed a bluish white form off to her left.  She turned for a better look and it was gone.
     "Ah," she gasped.  "What was that?"

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