Paragraph - Chapter Five - The Otherworld

so this is just "another paragraph"  could be easily missed :)  but I liked it - I liked it when I wrote it and I like it now.....To me, it is good writing - if I could be so bold.

Charlie is in the middle of a conversation with Samuel.  Rocky, of course, is on his mind.  Charlie wanted to say good night or words to that effect to Rocky but she had already left the storage room.  He was struggling with himself as to what he might tell Rocky's father.  Samuel finally ends the agony and says.
     "I'll tell her you said goodnight, Charlie," said Samuel.  And before Charlie can figure out what to reply he has to write down his hours.  So here is the paragraph.

     Charlie took off his shop apron and hung it on hook next to the door.  He walked over to a small desk at the far end of the storage room and opened up a well-worn inked ledger.  He thumbed through several pages until he came to the one with his name on it and proceeded to mark down his hours.  Charlie looked over at Loki and headed for the side door of the Inn.  He turned around and addressed Samuel.

  Charlie was now ready to say goodnight to Samuel and put some closure on his work day.  Kind of a small little paragraph but honestly - it took me many years to be able to do that.  Seems funny now when I think of it but tis true.


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